Sports Handicapping


A lot of people think there is no connection between a business and a sports bet. They fail to see the similarity in that these are all investments and as such, they carry both risks and rewards. The reason why my transition from Investment broker to Professional Sports gambler went so smoothly was because they are extremely similar. To be successful in either industry you need to be able to assess your potential risk factor to be able to thoroughly decide what your financial involvement will be.

That is how my 4 Tier Wager Risk Analysis Betting System was born and the reason why I left Wall Street and started Nationwide Sports Investments and the rest is history. The 4 Tier system is based off the same model the brokers use on Wall street when deciding the risk analysis of a stock so their clients can invest accordingly. Anytime you are investing whether it is in the market, real estate or maybe a tech start up there is always a level of risk just like wager on a game. The 4 Tier system takes all the information, research and due diligence then calculates the risk factor for each wager and in return immensely decreases but mostly avoids losses completely.

Managing one's bankroll and wager amounts is so critical in sports gambling. Winning is great but losing is inevitable so being able to minimize your exposure financially when you do lose will at times be the difference in a losing week, month or for the year. Being able to stay disciplined and pick and choose your spots, not play 3-4 games per day everyday and Know why and when to increase your wager and knowing when to pull back. Less is more so minimize your risk whenever you can.

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